Thursday, August 4, 2011


This collection I got because I fell in LOVE with Staci's block...  I have to blame her for making such a beautiful block!!
 The Hungarian Blue I had to get because someone used in the last Moose on the porch QAL.
Well I had to get these because.....well look at them!!


  1. Look at all that amazing fabric! Someone had fun shopping! =)

    The link to Staci's block didn't work for I couldn't see it. =(

  2. Hey you! The larkspur block was a bee block for Vickie's quilt. Did you see what she's done with her blocks? The quilt is AMAZING! Here's a link:

    K, I"m going to sneak in and steal your Hab*i*tat! Love it!
    The Remix, too!