Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My gift for Margaret

In our Orange You Glad Bee....our Grand Finale was to make something for one person out of scraps from another....well Shawn sent me this....

So My mind went a bit crazy for a while trying to think up something to do....I have always loved the "Circle Of  Geese" here is what I came up with...

The top side of my Mini is the flying geese....all nice and proper (I made a book cover too....with my favorite book "The unexpected Mrs. Polifax" by Dorothy Gilman)

The back of the mini is all wonky and care depending on how Margaret is feeling that day she can have either side facing out.

Had to add a little "bling" just for fun.


  1. My grandmother had me reading Mrs. Polifax books as a child! So cool!

  2. I love your little handmades, and I know Margaret loves them, too!
    You did a wonderful job on them.
    I didn't realize you had sent her the book, too. I've read and enjoyed that series.

  3. Your gift is amazing and beautiful! I'm happy for Margaret to have received such a lovely gift! =)

  4. You did a wonderful job Leslie! It s such a great gift. I love that it is reversible.